Join the "30 Days To Great Skin" challenge with MOLECULE 32 Help us spread the word about our extraordinary new skin product, Heal!

Heal: Rescue Lotion by Molecule32

Heal is perfect for you if:
*You have mild to severe dry skin
*You suffer from eczema
*You want a product made with only natural ingredients
*You want smooth, soft & healthy skin

We'll send you an absolutely FREE 8oz bottle of Heal(a $65 value) enough for the duration of the 30-day challenge.

FIRST: Email the following to this address
*One photo of your problem skin area (photo #1)
*Your name
*Your email address
*Your shipping address
*The name(s) of the product(s) you’re currently using on your problem skin

NEXT: After you receive your FREE 8oz bottle of Heal, it’s time to begin!
*Apply Heal to problem skin areas every day as directed
*On Day 14 email a photo of the same problem skin area (photo #2)       
*On Day 30 email a photo of the same problem skin area (photo #3)
*Along with photos please include any comments you have

LAST:  Marvel at your smooth, soft & healthy new skin!

The “30 Days To Great Skin” challenge is limited to 200 participants.  Upon completion of the challenge one lucky winner be sent a 1 Year supply of Heal, worth $780!

Thank you for sharing your Heal experience so others can witness the spectacular benefits of this remarkable product! Get ready to show off your gorgeous skin!

Rest assured, your personal information will be kept confidential.  We will contact you only in regard to our product and your amazing results.  Understand, by being a participant in the 30 day challenge, you give permission for us to post any or all of your photos.  Posted photos would include your first name only and your city.

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