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About BPW Sciences

BPW Sciences journey began almost 30 years ago when Gary Black, the Chief Chemist, realized the potential of Fulvic Acid’s healing and detoxifying properties.


Mr. Black, a consulting scientist to the United Nations, was asked to serve on a scientific board sponsored by the UN for the study of radiation effects on glandular and cellular health of the disaster victims. Black’s work focused specifically on the over 500,000 children who were exposed to radiation.


During the course of his research, Black served on two committees specifically investigating skin care for children. He noticed that one remedy, which was being used to treat the terrible burns, and lesions that the victims had endured was yielding remarkable results. The treatment was a local mud, which was being applied directly to affected areas of the skin with dramatic results. It seemed to Black that this mud was capable of working miracles in healing skin and cellular deformities. Intrigued.


Black collected samples of the mud, which, upon analysis, was found to contain high levels of humic and fulvic acids. Black extracted these compounds and formulated them into a series of tinctures and topical creams to which he added botanicals and essential oils of known benefits in the treatment of burns. His results were nothing short of remarkable. The remedy came to be known as “Black Mud.”


One of the many children Black was introduced to throughout his time in Belarus was a three-year-old girl named Nadia Andreosoff. Due to her exposure to Beta Radiation, Nadia suffered from recurring skin lesions and Erythema of the skin. By only the 6th day of treatment, including baths containing Black’s fulvate extract, and applications of “Black mud,” Nadia’s open lesions were closed, and the skin discoloration in remission.


Nadia’s amazing recovery from the severe radiation burns and lesions affirmed Black’s belief in the effectiveness of his formulations. Black continued to successfully treat the damaged skin of many of the survivors of the Chernobyl disaster. Over the course of the next 20 years, Black and his team continued to study the composition of the ancient “Black Mud” and to refine his formulations for the relief of damaged skin.


The story of BPW continues when Black returned home and met with a neighbor who was a third generation dairy farmer. The dairy farmer showed his chapped, cracked hands to the Black and asked if he knew of anything to relieve the painful condition. He mentioned that he had tried everything on the market with no success, and that commercial lotions often made the problem worse.


Out of compassion for his friend, Black created a formulation that included his patented process of extracting a reliable base source of Fulvic and Humic Acid and Polyfulmate™ was born. The farmer used the lotion, and three days later he reported that his hands had begun to heal. His cracked fingernails had softened; the heavy, hard calluses were softer and the discoloration reduced dramatically. Within a month, the dairyman’s entire family was using the lotion with similar success.


Over the next few months, word spread about this miracle product to other dairymen, farmers, and construction workers suffering from severely chapped hands. Requests poured into the scientist’s lab. After additional testing, the skin care and nutritional supplement brand was launched.


BPW Sciences products are effective in detoxification and healing. They deliver nutrients, vitamins, essential oils and pH balance directly to skin cells and provide results customers expect when using the BPW Sciences brand. The skin care and nutritional line targets the effects of inflamed, aging, and dry skin, improper pH balance, and other aging woes.


BPW Sciences is committed to your health. 

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