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Molecule 32 – Nature’s Miracle Molecule

From Our Lab to Your Skin

BPW Sciences is Dedicated To health
We have committed the last 25 years developing and patenting a process to gently extract Polyfulmate® M32 fulvic Acid from ancient humidified soil at our Pennsylvania laboratory.

Our chief scientist develops and fortifies our original formulations with organic and natural bioactive antioxidants, botanicals, herbs, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals, to deliver absolute skin health right in to the palm of your hand.

The natural crystalline Fulvic Acid structure has been unearthed form mineral rich restorative soil. And because of its unique lightweight structure and our patented process, M32 Polyfulmate® is an Aptogen with the power to stimulate nutrient absorption. The Result: M32 moisturizes and supports skin cell health to return a youthful glow. M32 has the power to make nutrients absorbable, provides advanced hydration and delivers. The Result: M32 stimulates skin cells to restore a natural pH balance.

How do we know?
Because we've done the research and seen the results that it works!

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Molecule 32

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Inquiries: info@Molecule32.com

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