Millions of men and women all over the world wake up in the morning and take their first look in the mirror, only to find patches of redness ruining a nice, even skin tone. Blotchy skin affects people of every age. It often strikes unexpectedly. Discolored smudges can take the form of red, white, or even dark spots, and they can appear anywhere on the body, although they’re most commonly found on the arms, neck, and face. If you’re one of the many affected by chronic blotchy skin, you should take the time to pinpoint the exact cause and find the right remedy.

Why Do I Have Blotchy Skin?

Some people notice the discoloration after a long day at the beach or after a glass of red wine. Others experience chronic blotchiness with no known triggers. That’s because a number of factors can cause splotchy skin. While some are outside of your control, others are manageable. Here are some of the most common reasons for skin patches:


Sun Exposure
Allergic Reactions
Hormonal Changes
Stress (think hives)


Whatever the underlying cause, failure to exfoliate properly can exacerbate the condition, as can a lack of moisture.








The best way to treat blotchy skin is to protect it with UV-blocking sunscreen and keep it hydrated since well-moisturized skin is the first line of defense against any number of unwanted conditions. With Molecule32, you can do even better. That’s because our lotions not only moisturize and hydrate the skin—they rejuvenate it. Containing fulvic acid, our moisturizing and hydrating products go deep beneath the surface to revitalize damaged skin cells and repair the natural health of your skin and the beautiful appearance of your body.

Cleanse and moisturize your way to softness: We recommend applying M32 Heal Rescue Lotion for blotchy skin both day and night until the condition is remedied. To keep your skin healthy and looking good, wash daily with M32 Clear and continue to moisturize with M32 Heal. Don’t forget your lips, which will benefit from M32 Quench Lip Balm.