Dry Skin

Your hands are your lifelines to the world. You use them to text friends, wash dishes, carry groceries, build snowmen, and hug your loved ones. They work hard for you all day. It’s no wonder they’re the first to suffer the painful effects of overexposure. Your skin is resilient—it’s designed to rejuvenate itself—but harsh conditions can wear it down and dry it out. There’s no reason to grin and bear it. If your hands are dry, cracked, and irritated, it’s time to protect them with revitalizing lotion.

The Culprits Behind Dry Skin

There are so many culprits behind cracked hands, it can sometimes seem as if the world is conspiring to draw the moisture from your skin. Here are a few of the most common causes:


Dry, Cold Winters: As the mercury drops, so does the humidity, and the resulting dryness can wreak havoc on your skin.
Long, Hot Showers: Water dries out the skin. If you take long showers; if you need to wash your hands frequently; if you spend many hours in the pool, your skin will feel the effects.
Poor Quality Soap: Many detergents and old-fashioned soap bars have a moisture-sapping effect.

As we age, our skin loses much of its natural moisture.


Aside from covering your hands from morning to night and avoiding all manual work, the only remedy for chronic dry hands is applying lotion liberally. Unfortunately, many moisturizers hide the symptoms but fail to treat the underlying problem. Molecule32, on the other hand, not only moisturizes and hydrates but, also, helps your skin rejuvenate itself, so it returns to its normal, healthy state. Why suffer from dry skin?

If your hands are red, itchy, or cracked, it’s time for an intervention. Massage with M32 Balance Total Hand and Body Lotion daily and watch the cracks disappear. Carry one with you. It's perfect all over for smooth, silky, and healthy skin—and use a beautiful pair of gloves to wash those dishes.








Every morning and evening, moisturize and hydrate with M32 Balance Hand and Body lotion (use more frequently for additional moisture). Keep a bottle next to your bed!