Humified organic matter is the result of slow, natural decomposition of organic matter by microbes and the environment over millions of years.While many mistake it for other known materials, humified organic matter is a unique, nutrient rich reservoir that supplies life-sustaining nourishment to virtually all living organisms.Humified organic matter is a sustainable resource that is millions of years old.During this time, it has had the opportunity to absorb all of the nutrients and hydrating properties of the ancient plants that created it.Humified organic matter has several attributes that promote the growth of living cells.

Nutrient Rich

Humified organic matter is a nutrient rich, uniform substance that acts as a long-term storage reservoir of minerals, vitamins and all chemicals needed for organic growth.


Humified organic matter is a colloidal (uniform particle sizes) substance and increases cation exchange capacity, which in turn increases the ability to store nutrients by chelation (forming of multiple bonds between ligand and central atoms).


Given the spongy, amorphous structure of humified organic matter, it can store 80-90% of its weight in water, making it the ultimate hydration tool for cells. BPW Sciences utilizes a patented process to derive M32 Polyfulmate® from only the most unspoiled, untouched humified organic matter in the world.

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