It starts as a mild tickle on your arm or leg. You scratch it. Soon, it turns into a nagging itch that demands relief. You scratch some more. Before long, your skin is on fire. The burning becomes excruciating. The desire to be free of the pain and irritation becomes insatiable.

What Is It?

It’s called itchy burning skin, and it can be a nightmare. Usually, it occurs in small areas on the arms and legs, but it may affect the whole body. It can range from mild tingling to severe burning and itching. Sometimes you barely notice prickling. Sometimes the itching and the burning can act as a constant burden, a continual reminder that something is wrong. On occasion, the pain becomes unbearable. Sometimes the itchiness lasts a long time. Sometimes it disappears as fast as it appears. In any event, itchy burning skin may cause intense irritation and discomfort.

How Not to Deal with Itchy Burning Skin

An itch demands a scratch. At least that’s the natural response. We all do it. The more it itches and burns, the more we scratch. Unfortunately, scratching rarely relieves the symptoms. It could also damage your skin and cause infection. Breaking this itch-scratch cycle can be difficult, but it’s important to hold back in order to keep infections at bay and prevent damage to the skin.

What Causes It?

Dry skin is the most common cause of itching. Other causes of itchy burning skin may include rashes and inflammation. Sometimes the itching is accompanied by redness, bumps, spots, blisters, or dry, cracked, or scaly texture to the skin. In many cases, rashes are the result of allergies or even anxiety.

That being said, it’s important to distinguish between itchy burning skin that appears with a rash, and itchy burning skin that presents without any visible marks. A long-lasting rash may be a symptom of a more serious dermatological condition, such as eczema. If you do notice a rash that persists, seek help from a dermatologist who can correctly identify the problem.









How to Deal with Itchy Burning Skin:


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