When coupled with other vitamins and essential oils, M32 Polyfulmate® supercharges our formulas to be more effective in tightening, hydrating and correcting skin issues. BPW Sciences uses M32 Polyfulmate® to create an artisanal product line that meets a wide variety of individual needs.

Skin Creams

Using M32 Polyfulmate®, our formula delivers targeted hydration to dry or damaged cells. M32 Polyfulmate® is an Aptogen. It works as an electron “shuttle,” augmenting other nutrients through semipermeable membranes, delivering hydrating minerals to cells quickly and efficiently.

Damaged Cells

In the form of a lotion, M32 Polyfulmate® delivers targeted vitamins, minerals and nutrients to sooth and repair damaged cells. Specific skin diseases such as Shingles and Eczema can be ministered to with M32 Polyfulmate®. These products help relieve symptoms within minutes.

Lip Balms

Given the hydrating and nutritional benefits of M32 Polyfulmate®, the formula efficiently tackles damaged or chapped lips by hydrating and repairing cells. Interested in learning more about M32 Polyfulmate® products?

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