What is special about Molecule 32’s Fulvic Acid (Polyfulmate)?

In our previous blog on fulvic acid, we gave you a very general and quick introduction to Fulvic Acid. In this post, we want to tell you that not all Fulvic Acid is created equal.

Before we get into why Molecule 32 is different than the other guys, lets quickly review how amazing and essential Fulvic Acid is:

  • When necessary, they act as free-radical scavengers
  • They supply vital electrolytes
  • They enhance and support nutrients
  • Stimulate metabolism
  • Increase assimilation and nutrient absorption

And more! (Way too scientific to get into)

While Fulvic Acid in general is quite remarkable, Molecule 32’s Fulvic Acid is even more extraordinary because of our proprietary patented extraction process (Polyfulmate®).

Unlike others, we have unearthed, patented and manufactured a non-diluted molecule (M32 Polyfulmate®) without using abrasive chemicals. Through our extraction process, we have created an effective, small (nano) and intuitive miracle molecule that is able to transport energy rich nutrients and minerals coupled with electrolytes to help ionize minerals and chemicals in order to penetrate any cell membrane. We know that’s a mouthful of big science words but we are just repeating what our award winning scientist founder said.

Let us put it into simpler terms – our proprietary ingredient (Molecule 32 Fulvic Acid Polyfulmate®) is so small and smart that it has the ability to penetrate through your skin and cells to get to the deepest level to deliver the pH balance and provide the required nutrition to rebalance internal conditions and fight inflammation from the inside-out.

Think of your skin and body as a giant battery. Each day, you are charged / re-charged and then depleted through nutritional in-take, output and rest. Much like a battery has to remain negatively and positively balanced in order to be effective. Science has shown that a neutral pH balance is critical in maintaining a high functioning system. If your skin and body is too acidic, it goes out of balance causing chaos in your system (acne, eczema, etc.). These cellular disruptions can cause long term issues if not addressed. That’s where M32 Polyfulmate® comes in to help deliver pH balance at the deepest cellular level. We believe that taking care of your skin has to come from the inside-out and not just topical, check out our two-step process! (hyperlink to products page / Nourish)

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