Real Results

Real Results

We don't just believe our products are great, we know because we have proof. we put heal up to the test!

before + after using Heal Rescue Lotion

Before using Heal Rescue Lotion

After using Heal Rescue Lotion

90% Better At Week 2 Than The #1 Recommended Brand
When testing for skin plumpness, Heal Rescue Lotion tested better than the #1 dermatologist recommended brand at 2 weeks with 90% of subjects showing improvement.*

After 2 Weeks Of Twice A Day Application
Heal Rescue Lotion demonstrated significant improvement in skin hydration as early as 2 weeks after twice a day application in women with a history of atopy (eczema) and/or sensitive skin.*

*Results from a 4-week clinical study (August to October 2018) of 30 women with a history of atopy (eczema) and/or sensitive skin. Clinical tests were conducted under the supervision of a dermatologist. No petrolatum, parabens or cortisone was used in the testing of out product