Getting Your Daily Dose of Fulvic Acid

In a previous blog, we gave you a little insight into what fulvic acid is. Fulvic acid is a mighty antioxidant that appears naturally in soils, plants and plant-based foods. It is a powerful polyelectrolyte and a complex organic phenol that facilitates the healthy absorption of nutrients.

 There are many benefits of consuming fulvic acid:

  • Giving the body more energy
  • Transporting nutrients to cells (easy absorption and utilization)
  • Improving the immune system.
  • Used as skincare, fulvic acid has been known to alleviate symptoms of: athlete’s foot, burns, open wounds and various skin conditions such as eczema

 Unfortunately, current farming processes poses to be a problem and can make it difficult to integrate fulvic acid into most of our diets, but don’t worry, there are still ways to get your daily dose of fulvic!

 Organic Veggies

According to multiple sources and our own research, chemicals used in farming (pesticides) significantly reduces the amount of fulvic acid and other minerals found naturally in soil. Organic farms and farmers don’t use pesticides (or at least they shouldn’t but do your research!) or other chemicals therefore, organic veggies are far more likely to contain fulvic acid (read here to learn how to tell if your fruits and veggies are organic). However, be warned that there is no easy way to tell how much fulvic acid are in each vegetable. Your best bet are usually organic vegetables that grow directly in soil – think root vegetables such as potatoes and beets.

 Blackstrap Molasses

Not a widely used product for most people but organic blackstrap molasses (thick, syrup like substance often used as a sweetener) can be a good source of fulvic acid. They are grown in the earth and their roots grow anywhere from 6.5 to 15 feet below the earth’s soil. The depth of the roots almost guarantees that they comes in contact with fulvic acid at some point.


Last but not least, if you’re always on the go and have no time to cook (or shop), fulvic acid supplements may be the easiest and quickest way to add fulvic acid to your diet. All supplements effect everyone differently so it is important to speak with your doctor before taking anything new. It should also be known that supplements are not regulated by the FDA (but that may soon change) so it’s important to really do your research prior to taking any supplement. Unlike our Nourish, most fulvic acids are simply marketed as mineral supplements. Make sure you check the ingredient list and nutrition facts to make sure that it contains fulvic acid.

Unlike other brands, we have unearthed, patented and manufactured a non-diluted molecule (M32 Polyfulmate®) without using abrasive chemicals through our special extraction process. Learn more about Molecule32’s fulvic acid.


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