Seasonal Skincare

As your largest organ, you already know that your skin is deserving of TLC all year round. But have you ever notice a product that you swear by doesn't seem to be working as well as it should when the seasons change? What most people don’t realize is that if you live in an area with seasons, you may need to make small adjustments to your skincare based on the time of year.

These tweaks can obviously vary from person to person based on the different skin types. For some people (and if you live in places like S. California where it’s always 75 and sunny), using the same skincare all year round isn’t a big deal. However, if you have to deal with extreme variations of temperatures (or humidity), you might find that you need to adjust your products. For example, most people would probably need to apply heavier moisturizers or products in the winter time versus spring / summer time.

In colder weather / winter, there are many reasons why your skin dries out:

  • Extreme temperature changes – cold outside, warm / hot inside.
  • Wearing more clothes – wearing more layers can be that you skin moisturizing areas like legs or torso
  • Spending longer time in the shower – warmer and longer showers / baths can strip the skin of its natural moisture

The sensation of dryness or tightness of skin is a great indicator of when you may need a heavier moisturizer or products for the wintertime. When you see flakey skin, you know it’s time to go heavy duty.

In warmer weather, it may be a bit tricky to tell what your skin is up to:

  • Lower humidity and air conditioned homes and offices tend to dry out the skin more
  • Even though your sweating more, the constant wiping of skin can dry out your skin
  • If you’re jumping in the water to cool off, the harsh pool chemicals and salt water can dry out skin
  • On the flip side, more sweating means oilier skin and prone to pimples and other irritations

In the summer time, if your skincare is feeling sticky and slippery, it’s a sign that you may need lighter products. If you wear makeup, and find that your makeup isn’t staying on, it may also be an indicator of needing lighter products. It’s important to remember that in the summer time, your pores are more enlarged due to sweating and prone to absorb more dirt and oil so wearing lighter products will help with less clogging.

In terms of investing in skincare products, you don’t need to break the bank buying multiple sets of skincare. In terms of ingredients, heavier creams are more oil based where lighter lotions are more water based. The more expensive stuff isn’t necessarily better for you. If you’re happy with a particular brand but feel like you might need to make small seasonal tweaks, have a look at the other products in the brand and go to a lighter version. (In the Molecule 32 line, we created Balance for a lighter feel and Heal for the heavy duty skincare you might need in the winter). If you have skin condition such as eczema, you may want to consider staying with the same skincare regimen year round. To learn more visit our other blogs!

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